He is truly great who is great in a charity

 The statement extols charity as a virtue. He who does charity lives forever. History perpetuates the names of great philanthropists whose good deeds done to the service of the poor segment of mankind are remembered. Those who establish trusts for the service of humanity render a yeoman's service in different forms. Out of one's genuine savings a certain part is set aside to create trusts to serve poor people in different fields of life. It is an act of saintliness to take care of the poor segment of humanity.

The name of Dayal Singh comes to one's mind, in whose name Dayal Singh College, Lahore, Gulab Devi Hospital, Lahore, stand which provide educational, health services to the people of all shades. A number of Muslim trusts must be working in Pakistan. The point is that those who do charity without any ulterior motive, indeed are great, whose names cannot be effaced by time. Islam lays great emphasis on charity through Sadquat.


Believers especially during the holy month of Ramazan give sadquats in different forms to earn the blessings of Allah. Sadquats need to be given throughout the year. It is a matter of sad reflection that no name of any feudal lord has come to the notice of people who has done the noble deed of establishing a trust in the country. Landlords spend their wealth on their personal luxuries and comforts but do not spend a tiny part of it on the welfare of the poor. This class is very callous and is opposed to activities meant to promote the well being of the poor.


People sometimes can forget the names associated with heroic deeds but not those of the charity givers. It is said that charity not only blesses the one who gives it but also one who takes it. It has the double quality of mercy. The following couplet explains the importance of charity:

Only the actions of the just

Smell sweet and blossom in their dust


Charity givers are just people who keep in mind the maxim; thy need is greater than mine. Those who act on the spirit of this maxim indeed are great. We may conclude by saying that he is really great and is great in charity.

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