A suspicious parent makes an artful child

 The quotation deals with the psychology of parents. If parents are not normal, they can be a source of creating certain abnormalities in their children. Parents must have normal psychology. Parents with normal psychology will be able to handle their children properly. Abnormal parents can have abnormal children. If parents are suspicious by nature, their children would develop unhealthy I, complexes. 

If a parent is suspicious of their child he would grow artful to allay their suspicion. The child would develop certain unhealthy tendencies to counter the suspicion of his parents. If a father is suspicious of certain activities of a child. The latter would try to remove his suspicion by inventing certain fake stories. Once an incident was reported in the newspaper that could be of particular interest to readers…

A suspicious father looked down upon his child for his so-called involvement in certain undesirable activities. The child gave an explanation of his innocence but the father would not get convinced meanwhile the child became artful. He dodged his father intelligently on a number of occasions. The child on one occasion begged leave of his father to join the group of his classmates going on a picnic.

Father suspected his child to attend a musical concert. He permitted the child willy-nilly. He paid a surprise visit to the place where the concert was being held. The child was not found among the audience. The father got worried. Meanwhile, the child came along with his companions to the concert in a state of drunkenness. The child refused to recognize his father being intoxicated. He was addressing his companions by saying, "Look my father suspects my activities. He imposes ifs and buts on me. Whenever I speak the truth, he suspects to so I have decided to hoodwink him in the future.

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