Bachelor of Arts in Management

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Bachelor of Arts in Management

Western Colorado University
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The Management emphasis will train you in the art and science of business in a number of different areas: strategic management, organizational behavior, economics, and operational and strategic analysis. Through a diverse curriculum covering everything—from business ethics –to macroeconomics, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply business best practices to a variety of fields.

With attentive faculty in small classes, you’ll be able to learn faster and perform better, while working towards your professional goals. For hands-on experience, you can participate in the ICELab on upper campus which provides support for startups and expanding businesses. Whether you want to launch your own business or work your way up the corporate ladder, this program will teach you how to anticipate customer needs, grow and motivate a workforce, and develop into influential and inspiring business leaders.

Admission Requirements

A minimum of 57 credits is required, including the 21-credit Base Curriculum, the 15- credit Business Administration Nucleus

Courses Units

You need to complete 120 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

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Leadership isn’t a magical gift, but a set of skills that you acquire and practice over time. While it may come easier to some more than to others, becoming a leader is within reach if you have an understanding of business best practices, communications and ethics.

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