Bachelor of Arts Economics

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Bachelor of Arts Economics

Western Colorado University
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Economics at Western Colorado University—more than the other social sciences—is focused on developing your abilities to analyze contemporary events using models and high-level data. The program will provide you with a powerful set of deductive and empirical skills for understanding real-world issues like natural resources, globalization, inequality and financial crises.

You’ll learn to analyze individual markets, ask questions about the impact of public policy on the economy and examine social and business problems. Before graduating, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a major research project combining statistical analysis, economic reasoning, design and implementation.

Admission Requirements

All standard majors require a minor in a second discipline or a second major.

A minimum of 36 credits is required, including the 24-credit Nucleus and nine credits of upper-division Economics electives.

All Economics Majors require completion of the 24-credit Economics Nucleus and completion of MATH 140 College Algebra (GT-MA1), MATH 141 Precalculus (GT-MA1), or MATH 151 Calculus I (GT-MA1) with a minimum grade of “C-.”

Courses Units

You need to complete 108 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Economists have a broad understanding of business which enables them to forecast and navigate complex financial trends. These versatile skills are fundamental for successful careers in law, government, banking, insurance and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Career Opportunities

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