Electrical Engineering, BS

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Electrical Engineering, BS

George Mason University
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Electrical engineering is a major field of modern technology and has transformed every facet of our lives. Electrical engineers are involved in research, development, design, production, and operation of a wide variety of devices and systems, including reliable, secure, and high-speed communication networks, autonomous vehicles, robots, multi-agent systems, nanoscale integrated circuits as well as sensors that are essential to the internet-of-things. Other technologies in electrical engineering include smartphones, tablets and other modern computing platforms, as well as wearable technology such as health-monitoring wristbands, biomedical systems such as prosthetic devices, and brain-machine interfaces. The electrical engineering program offers a broad variety of courses and prepares students for a diverse array of careers in the field. Hands-on design experiences and simulation are emphasized throughout the curriculum through labs and projects integrated into various courses. The program culminates in a year-long senior design project effort which provides each student with the opportunity to apply concepts to designing, innovating and building a functional hardware system in a team environment.

Admission Requirements

All electrical engineering students are strongly encouraged to see their major faculty advisor before course registration each semester.

Students must complete each ECE, ENGR, BENG, CS, MATH, PHYS, and STAT course presented as part of the required 121 credits for the degree with a grade of C or better.

Students must also complete any course required by the program that is a prerequisite to another course applicable to the degree with a grade of C or better.

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at https://catalog.gmu.edu/colleges-schools/engineering/electrical-computer/electrical-engineering-bs/#admissionspoliciestext

More Information

Electrical Engineering majors and Computer Engineering majors can earn degrees with double majors in a number of disciplines. Computer Engineering and Computer Science may be combined. Electrical Engineering has been combined with Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physics or Math.

Career Opportunities

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