Bachelor of Science Programme in Life Science

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Bachelor of Science Programme in Life Science

Umea University
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The Life Science programme builds the basis and during the third year you specialize in chemistry or molecular biology.

The first and second year gives you basic knowledge of chemistry and molecular biology. You take courses in, for example, bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and molecular genetics. During the third year you may choose to specialize in these fields by taking advanced courses or broaden your knowledge in other subjects. The programme ends with a thesis project.

The programme provides you with the theoretical and practical skills you need in your future work life and work prospects are generally good. As a chemist or molecular biologist you can for example work in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, often with research, development or communication.

Admission Requirements

Biology 2, Physics 1a/1b1+1b2, Chemistry 2, Mathematics 4, or Biology B, Physics A, Chemistry B, Mathematics D

The selection is based upon both GPA and the Swedish National University Aptitude test (Högskoleprovet) in the ratio 67/33.

Courses Units

You need to complete 180 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

The Bachelor of Science Programme in Life Science qualifies for further studies on advanced level. We offer Master of Science programmes in chemistry, molecular biology, and plant and forest biotechnology. A Master's degree provides a good basis for doctoral studies, but also increases your overall competitiveness on the labour market.

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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