Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Karlstad University
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With a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a specialisation in materials engineering you are qualified to be in charge of the materials aspects of the manufacturing process in conjunction with other competencies. Advanced materials analysis and detailed knowledge are required when making strategic choices of the right material for different situations in terms of properties and environmental effects as well as design and costs.

The programme includes basic training in technological and physical modelling, technological environment issues, materials design, and the role of technology in society. The students often collaborate on projects. You will specialise in materials engineering and get a broad perspective on mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing techniques. The focus is on engineering application including functional materials and engineering materials in manufacturing processes, constructions and products of consumption. An important educational strategy throughout the programme is the integration of basic subjects such as mathematics and natural sciences and technical applications. Mathematics is an important tool in engineering and fundamental for technical understanding. Therefore mathematics is an integral part of all modules. You will practise generally applicable methods and use the computer to solve calculations and to see the potentials of modelling.

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements plus upper secondary school level Mathematics 4, Physics 2, and Chemistry 1, or general admission requirement plus upper secondary school level Mathematics E, Physics B, and Chemistry A

Field-specific eligibility A9 or 9.

Courses Units

You need to complete 300 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Upon completion of the programme a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering with specialisation in materials engineering is awarded (300 ECTS credits). The programme requires five years' of full-time studies and harmonizes with the new structure of higher education in Europe, which means that you may choose to leave with a Bachelor's degree after three years. For examination and assessment regulations, see under the heading "Learning outcomes" in the programme study plan.

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