Bachelor Programme in Computer Science

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Bachelor Programme in Computer Science

Karlstad University
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Are you interested in IT in general and programming in particular? With a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science you can be part of developing and shaping our future digital society. The study programme covers among other things software design, Internet technology, and cybersecurity. The third study year provides good opportunities for you to specialize or broaden your studies within the area that you are the most interested in.

The first study year mainly contains fundamental courses on programming and mathematics to get the necessary prerequisites required for the second year. The second study year gives a broad foundation in Computer Science, building on the fundamentals from the first year. Courses are taken together with fellow students from the engineering study programmes in Computer Science at the university.

The third year of the study programme consists of two mandatory courses in software engineering and cybersecurity, one mandatory degree project, and 30 ECTS of optional courses for specialization or broadening based on your interests. As a proposal for optional courses there are four tracks with ties to research conducted at the university on software engineering, cybersecurity, computer networking, and usability. These tracks can in part be combined, depending on which tracks are selected. Students are free to choose other courses within Computer Science or another subject to create their own profile. It?s also possible to read courses at other universities in Sweden or abroad.

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements plus upper-secondary school level Mathematics 3c (field-specific eligibility A8 with the exception of Physics 2 and Chemistry 1), or general admission requirements plus upper-secondary school level Mathematics D (field-specific eligibility 8 with the exception of Physics B and Chemistry A).

Courses Units

You need to complete 180 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

The study programme is well anchored with industry and you'll have ample of opportunity to work with and meet industry during your studies. Meetings over breakfast and lunch, the mentoring program, and thesis projects are examples of how you?ll get in contact with industry. You'll also get to work with both real and fictive industry-related cases, practical assignments, and projects as well as meet guest lecturers and attend study visits at local industry.

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