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MS in Biotechnology

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The field of Biotechnology has the potential to not just improve some of the most pressing health, economic, and environmental problems facing the humanity, but decisively resolve them. From the food grown at our farms to the medicine we buy, and the ways we clean up the environment; biotechnology affects many facets of our daily lives. Major developments in this field occur everyday, with many introduced by academic and professional communities before the greater public became even aware of industry advancements. The Department of Chemistry at UMT aims to prepare graduates to join in these exciting discoveries. The faculty offers students solid and full depth knowledge of applied Biotechnology which prepares them for exciting and rewarding careers in next-generation science and technology. The program facilitate the students to be a part of the Biotech future by providing instruction and training in many of the biotech disciplines through courses, seminars, advanced electives, and case studies. Course topics range from industrial application of enzymes and bio-polymer synthesis to modern drug design and the role of biotechnology in health care. The availability of various and varied electives enables students to specialize in selected biotechnology areas. The program also includes a guided study to develop analytical skills.

Admission Requirements

The candidiate must have 4 year Bachelor or Equivalent Degree in a relevant discipline with minimum 2.50 CGPA or 60% in annual system. 

The candidate must have passed NTS (GAT) with a minimum score of 50% score or UMT Entry test.

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

Career Opportunities

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