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M.Sc. Chemistry

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The MSc program in chemistry was launched in spring 2003 by the department. It was an outcome of the realization that there are many groups of students who wish to improve their qualifications, but facilities are not available to them in the country. Among them are in-service teachers, industrial workers, employees of research organizations and many of those fresh graduates who could not get admission in national universities or who took up jobs to serve their families. Thus it is an important human resource development program of national importance which contributes to development of job skill.
The duration of the MSc program is two years. An academic year consists of two semesters termed as spring and autumn semesters. Admissions are offered in the spring semester. Each year the department admits 25 students through a process based on previous academic record, test and interview. Classes are held in the evening and lab courses are covered in workshops. The department follows chemistry curricula as recommended by the HEC.
To date eleven batches of MSc students have passed out. Successful students are serving in research organizations, colleges and industry. Some students have also been selected by the HEC for scholarship to pursue higher studies leading to PhD.

Admission Requirements

B.Sc or BS.Ed Degree (at least 2nd division) with Chemistry as one of the major subject.

Courses Units

You need to complete 64 credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at https://www.aiou.edu.pk/Programmes.asp?PID=190

More Information

Merit based on the marks in F.Sc. & B.Sc., departmental written test and interview.

Career Opportunities

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