Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education

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Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education

Aga Khan University Pakistan
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Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education is a Mphil program taught at Aga Khan University Pakistan, . The program is offered in campus-based modes with full Time options. To successfully obtain Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education from Aga Khan University Pakistan you are required to complete credit hours. After completion of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education you will be able to further continue for advance studies or start career as Educationist.

The two-year Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Education programme helps students build a strong research foundation enabling them to inquire critical issues ranging from the core problems of classroom teaching and school leadership to concerns related to educational policy and governance. By the time of graduation, students are able to work as independent researchers with a sound understanding of research ethics and with general and specialist skills in research methodologies, academic writing and presentation. Under the supervision of our accomplished faculty, students develop first-hand experience of creating usable knowledge to bridge the gap between theory, policy and practice and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in the education sector.

Admission Requirements

  • 16-years of qualification in Education discipline with minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 point scale (semester system) or 65% score (annual examination system). Candidates with degree in areas other than Education must have a 1.5 year BEd* degree (54 credits).

  • Minimum two years teaching/research/leadership / educational development experience.

Candidates applying with a 1-year BEd degree are required to complete 6 bridging courses of 18 credits at IED

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Graduates of this programme are working as researchers, heads of educational institutions, teachers and instructors in secondary and higher secondary schools, faculty and academic advisors in teacher education colleges and institutions, and managers, project leaders and education consultants in development organizations.

Career Opportunities

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