Master of Applied Science (MAppSc)

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Master of Applied Science (MAppSc)

University of Otago
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The Master of Applied Science (MAppSc) is a 180-point, coursework postgraduate degree. A candidate would normally be a graduate but the degree is also open to those with other relevant qualifications.

The MAppSc is designed for students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary program of study underpinned by science that delivers versatile skills relevant to multiple end-users. Optional paths are available that emphasize commercialization, workplace-based projects, or independent study.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the program shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Sciences).
  2. Every applicant shall have fulfilled one of the following conditions:
    1. be a graduate and have achieved an average grade of at least B in the relevant 300-level papers;
    2. have obtained a Postgraduate Certificate or a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science with an average grade of at least B;
    3. have equivalent alternative qualifications or experience acceptable to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Sciences).

Courses Units

  1. The program of study
    1. shall consist of approved papers at 400-level or higher worth at least 180 points, selected from the papers specified in Science Schedule D for the Master of Applied Science subject concerned, and including at least one of APPS 596-598.
    2. shall normally include papers from more than one subject.
    3. may, with the approval of the Head of Department or Course Director concerned, include papers worth up to 60 points from 400- and 500-level papers other than those specified in Schedule D.

Career Opportunities

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