Master of Applied Data Science MA

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Master of Applied Data Science MA

University of Canterbury
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Data science is a new profession emerging along with the exponential growth in size and availability of 'big data'. A data scientist provides insight into future trends from looking at past and current data. Data science is an essential skillset in a world where everything from education to commerce, communication to transport, involves large-scale data collection and digitalisation.

This conversion Master's is designed to accommodate students from a range of backgrounds (not just those with Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science majors), who want to enhance or build their data science capabilities and combine these with the skills and knowledge they bring from their previous studies. So long as you are data-hungry and industry-aware; this degree can add to your employability and career prospects.

Admission Requirements

Potential students can come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds. Students require a B Grade Point Average in 300-level bachelor's degree courses, or have evidence of achievement at postgraduate level.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC's English language requirements.

Courses Units

The degree will comprise a minimum of 180 points as follows:

  • up to three Foundation Courses
  • four courses from advanced data science competencies
  • remaining courses from relevant elective options
  • DATA 601 Applied Data Science Project (45 points).
  • You can study this qualification full-time in a minimum of 1 year, and part-time in a maximum of 3 years.

More Information

You will be required to enrol in all these foundational courses unless there is evidence of prior learning in the fundamentals of data science (exemptions must be approved by the Programme Director).

Career Opportunities

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