Bachelor of Health Sciences BSc

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Bachelor of Health Sciences BSc

University of Canterbury
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The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) is a three-year programme that provides a comprehensive overview of health and healthcare. It is a multidisciplinary qualification and our graduates are using their skills in the health sector and beyond.

Aotearoa New Zealand's health and disability sector is characterised by a diverse workforce, made up of many occupations. This diversity is essential to providing the range of services required to meet individual and public health outcomes.

Courses Units

The BHSc requires a total of 360 points:

  • 135 points of compulsory courses
  • at least 90 points of major courses
  • the remaining points from Health Sciences or from other degrees.
  • At least 225 points must be from courses above 100-level, with at least 90 points at 300-level.
  • BHSc students have the option of completing either a major or two majors (a double major).
  • The degree takes three years of full-time study, or can be studied part-time for up to 6 years.

More Information

The first year of study gives students a foundation in Health Sciences through core courses introducing students to health studies, human biology, epidemiology, and Māori health. The following years provide more depth in health promotion in Aotearoa New Zealand, decision making for policy and care, and applied research.

Students will also undertake courses from their chosen major throughout the degree.

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