Bachelor of Data Science BSc

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Bachelor of Data Science BSc

University of Canterbury
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Data is used by organisations of all sizes to make better decisions. In this degree, you will learn how to analyse and interpret data to inform decision-making and forecast trends.

With big data comes big responsibility, and you will learn the importance of data security, ethics, and strategy. You will learn skills in programming, mathematics, and statistics from experts in biology, computing, geography, linguistics, and many other fields. As a result, you will be able to contribute your diverse skillset across many cross-disciplinary fields.

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Data Science is open to all students with entry to the University.

A background in secondary school subjects such as maths, statistics, computing, and IT will be especially useful. UC offers introductory courses for students with little or no background in these areas.

Courses Units

The Bachelor of Data Science requires a minimum total of 360 points:

195 points of compulsory Data Science core courses

165 points of courses towards your major.

At least 225 points must be from courses above 100-level, with at least 105 points at 300-level.

Each major has specific course requirements, but all consist of a minimum 165 points, with at least 45 points at 200-level or above and at least 60 points at 300-level.

The degree takes 3 years of full-time study, or can be studied part-time for up to 10 years.

More Information

The Bachelor of Data Science includes core introductory courses in programming, mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences, as well as hands-on lab work and group projects.

You will also complete courses towards a major subject, completing with a final capstone project in the third year with supervision from industry.

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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