Bachelors of Psychology

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Bachelors of Psychology

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Emphasizing the relationships between people and society is one of the key features of the Department of Psychology. Students acquire a scientific understanding of the mind’s mechanisms and the ability to respond to any type of person or situation within today’s increasingly complex society – in other words, analytical and practical skills rooted in psychology. The Department seeks students with an interest in the scientific exploration of the mind and a desire to contribute to society through the application of psychological knowledge and research methods.

Admission Requirements

  1. Type of Personnel Sought
    1. Demonstrates the fundamental knowledge and skills, reasoning, judgment and expression abilities that are expected outcomes at the senior high school level and necessary to engage in the Department of Psychology curriculum.
    2. Understands and endorses the university’s educational philosophy of “Do for Others”, possesses an interest in the various issues arising in present-day society, and aspires to contribute to an inclusive society through independent study in Psychology.
    3. Understands the faculty’s educational philosophy of “examining the mind, supporting people” and possesses the ambition to pursue scientific investigation of the mind.
    4. Possesses an interest in creating better human relationships and a better society.
  2. Basic Policy for Selection of Students
  3. Assess whether an applicant possesses the fundamental abilities, ambition and aspiration outlined in "Types of Personnel Sought" above.
  4. Types of Student Selection and Evaluation Methods
  5. Prospective students may take the All-Faculty Schedule or A Schedule general entrance examinations, or the Meiji Gakuin Admissions Center Entrance Examination. Alternatively, special entrance examinations include the “AO Entrance Examination by Self-Nomination”, “Entrance Examination by Recommendation (Designated School)”, “Entrance Examination by Special Recommendation (Affiliated School)” and “Privately Funded International Student Entrance Examination”. Evaluation methods vary by type of examination, including general written examinations, short essays focusing on expression ability, and interviews assessing qualities and ambitions. These examinations are used to select individuals who will study in the department and be active in society.

Courses Units

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More Information

The Department offers an education in psychology that is both specialized and broad-based. Students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects taught by 14 full-time faculty members. Topics range from how to study the mind through scientific methods, to clinical topics such as methods for supporting individuals, families, groups, and communities.

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