Master - Chemistry

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Master - Chemistry

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Chemistry explores the structures, properties, interactions, and transformation of materials. In recent years, chemistry has evolved to incorporate various areas of science, and its target materials have expanded from conventional substances to those relating to the ocean, the atmosphere, and the cosmos. In order to equip students with a broad knowledge of science and a capability to develop new ideas and multidisciplinary fields in chemistry, our department has established a wide range of research and education fields, including Molecular Structure and Dynamics, Material Physical Chemistry, Chemical Reaction Dynamics, Solid State Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Reaction Chemistry, Biomolecular Science, and Organic Molecular Structure and Function.

Admission Requirements

  1. English
  2. Major Subject
  3. Interview
  4. Application Document Screening

*Recommended to find the professor/supervisor in advance.

More Information

How to Obtain Application Guideline/Forms

  • Obtain at the faculty office for free.
  • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (24×33.2cm) to the faculty. Please contact the faculty office for details.
  • Please refer to the graduate school website .
  • To request from abroad, please contact the faculty office.

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