Bachelors - Applied Chemistry in Bioscience

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Bachelors - Applied Chemistry in Bioscience

Kobe University
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The Department of Agrobioscience aims to utilize knowledge obtained through analyzing phenomena related to the natural environment and living organisms from biology- and chemistry-based perspectives. We produce human resources with the specialist knowledge, abilities and a sense of ethics necessary to understand and analyze a variety of phenomena from the molecular and cellular levels to the ecosystem level.

Working primarily from a biochemical perspective, we teach the core knowledge and techniques required to understand phenomena related to food and living organisms, and the specialist ability to use this knowledge.

Admission Requirements

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science (choose 2 from Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Geography)
  3. Foreign Language (choose 1 from English, German, French, and Chinese)
  4. Interview
  5. Application Document Screening

More Information

  • Obtain at the faculty office for free.
  • Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (24×33.2cm) to the faculty. Please contact the faculty office for details.
  • To request from abroad, please contact the faculty office.

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