Meteorology and Climate Physics (M.Sc)

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Meteorology and Climate Physics (M.Sc)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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In the master’s degree in meteorology, the basic scientific qualifications acquired in the bachelor’s degree are deepened and expanded in a research-related manner. In-depth knowledge is provided in the field of theoretical meteorology and numerical weather forecast, climatology, remote sensing and data analysis as well as the chemistry of the atmosphere and atmospheric aerosols, supplements, for example, in the field of applied meteorology. Through an extensive master’s internship, they are familiar with the methods of modern atmospheric measurements in the laboratory and in the field. In the master's thesis, the graduates have shown that they are able to independently apply scientific knowledge and methods to solve complex scientific problems.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for access to the master’s degree are:

  • A passed Bachelor's degree or at least an equivalent degree in a course with essentially the same content at a university, technical college or professional academy or at a foreign university, whereby the course with a minimum of 180 ECTS points, alternatively with at least three years of standard study time in the subject meteorology or a related subject (e.g. physics, mathematics, geosciences) must have been completed.
  • the following minimum performance in the following areas:
    1. Meteorology to the extent of at least 30 credit points
    2. Physics to the extent of at least 30 credit points
    3. Mathematics to the extent of at least 12 credit points
    If these prerequisites are not met, admission may be granted subject to conditions that must be provided by the end of the examination period of the 2nd subject semester.
  • Proof of very good knowledge of the English language (level B2). The statutes linked below regulate access to the master’s course in Meteorology

Courses Units

The master’s course is structured in subjects, which in turn are divided into modules.

Subjects in the Meteorology M.Sc.
Atmospheric and Climate Processes                                
(24 CP)
Applied and Experimental Meteorology
(24 CP)
Scientific work
(30 CP)
General qualifications
(4 CP )
Elective subject
(8 CP)
Master thesis
(30 CP)

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