Master of Applied Science Civil Engineering

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Master of Applied Science Civil Engineering

University of Ottawa
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Master of Applied Science Civil Engineering is a 2 years Masters program taught at University of Ottawa, . The program is offered in campus-based modes with full Time and part-time options. To successfully obtain Master of Applied Science Civil Engineering from University of Ottawa you are required to complete credit hours. After completion of Master of Applied Science Civil Engineering you will be able to further continue for advance studies or start career as Civil Engineer, Urban Designer, Urban Manager, Urban Engineer.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible, candidates must:
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree with specialization or a major in civil engineering, or in the sub-disciplines normally considered to be part of civil engineering with a minimum average of B (70%).

Note: International candidates must check the admission equivalencies for the diploma they received in their country of origin.

  • Applicants holding an honours bachelor’s (or major) degree in an engineering discipline other than civil engineering or in science may be considered for admission to a qualifying program with the following conditions:
  • Graduates from honours engineering or science programs with a mathematics content equivalent to that of the civil engineering undergraduate program will have to take a minimum of four undergraduate civil engineering courses in their area of graduate specialty.
  • Graduates from other science programs (i.e. those without the mathematical content covered in a civil engineering undergraduate program) will have to take all the core engineering undergraduate mathematics courses in addition to four qualifying undergraduate civil engineering courses in their area of specialty.
  • Demonstrate strong academic performance in previous studies as shown by official transcripts, research reports, abstracts or any other documents demonstrating research skills.
  • Identify at least one professor who is willing to supervise your research and thesis.
  • We recommend that you contact potential thesis supervisors as soon as possible.
  • To enroll, you need to have been accepted by a thesis supervisor.
  • The supervisor’s name is required at the time of application.
  • The choice of research supervisor will determine the primary campus location of the student. It will also determine which university awards the degree.

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

Ottawa-Carleton Joint Program

Established in 1984, the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Civil Engineering (OCICE) combines the research strengths and resources of the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton University with that of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa.

The Institute offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Applied Science (MASc), Master of Engineering (MEng) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Civil Engineering.

Research facilities are shared between the two campuses. Students have access to the professors, courses and facilities at both universities, however, they must enroll at the ''home university'' of the thesis supervisor.

Main Areas of Research

  • Construction engineering and management
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Sustainable Materials and Construction
  • Water resources engineering

Other Programs Offered Within the Same Discipline or in a Related Area

  • Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Specialization in Science, Society and Policy (MASc)
  • Master of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering (MASc)
  • Master of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering Specialization in Environmental Sustainability (MASc)
  • Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (MEng)
  • Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering (MEng)
  • Doctorate in Philosophy in Civil Engineering (PhD)
  • Doctorate in Philosophy in Environmental Engineering (PhD)

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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