Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program

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Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program

University of Calgary
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Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program is a 1 year Masters program taught at University of Calgary, . The program is offered in campus-based modes with full Time options. To successfully obtain Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program from University of Calgary you are required to complete credit hours. After completion of Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program you will be able to further continue for advance studies or start career as Civil Engineer, Urban Designer, Urban Manager, Urban Engineer.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission in Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program at University of Calgary for all applicants (Domestic or International) are:

  • program specific academic requirment set by University of Calgary.
  • English Language OR any other language requirments as set by University of Calgary as pre-requiste for admission in Civil Engineering (MEng) - Thesis-based program.

Note: Please check the university website in the link below.

Courses Units

You need to complete credit hours to successfully obtain this degree. Please check detail of study units at

More Information

As a program where students can complete degree requirements in as little as one year, the Civil Engineering MEng Thesis is the fastest graduate degree option we offer. It is ideal for working professional civil engineers seeking to hone their skills. It bridges the gap between the MSc and MEng (course-based) programs, allowing students to complete a minimum of 6 courses and maximum 8 courses, of which no more than two courses can be senior undergraduate. Students are also required to complete a thesis. The program has both part-time and full-time options. Please note that courses are often not scheduled for evenings/weekends.

Students in the thesis-based MEng are typically first admitted to the MEng course-based program. Students may choose to work with a faculty member to create a mini research project in place of the final four courses they would otherwise need to complete the MEng course-based program. Once the research project plan has been developed, the student switches into the MEng thesis-based program.

Completing this program

  • Courses: Topics may include bituminous materials, theory of transport demand modelling, bilogical processes for wastewater treatment and more.
  • Thesis: Students will be required to submit and defend an original thesis.
  • Professional Development Seminars: Students take two professional development seminars on communication styles, presentation skills and more.

Career Opportunities

You can join one of the following careers:

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